A HOME INSPECTION includes without being limited to an Evaluation of the Following:

1) ROOF ELEMENTS- Flashing, Gutters, Roof Structure, Chimney(s), Skylights, Plumbing stacks, Vents, and Roof Coverings.
2) EXTERIOR ELEMENTS- Siding, Trim, Flashing, Porch's, Decks, Driveways, Walkways, Windows, and Entryway's.
3) INTERIOR ELEMENTS- Walls, Floors, Ceilings, Doors, Windows.
4) STRUCTURAL- Foundation Walls, Support Columns/ Posts, Beams, Insulation, Sills, Joists, and Vapor Barrier.
5) ATTIC- Framing, Insulation, Ventilation, and Roof Structure.
6) ELECTRIC- Branch wiring, Fixtures, Devices, and Main wiring in Panel. (Does not include an evaluation of 'low voltage' wiring such as speaker wire, cable, telephone etc.)
7) HEATING AND A.C. SYSTEMS- Ductwork, Flue Exhaust, Furnace test, Gas leaks, Cold air A.C. test, Heat Exchanger, Burner test.
8) PLUMBING SYSTEM- Water Heater, Gas leaks, Flue Exhaust, Shut-offs, Pressure, Insulation, Bathroom Fixtures, Type/ Size of Piping, and methods used to install.

COMMERCIAL INSPECTION - Up to 50,000 Square feet. Please Note* Leased Commercial Kitchen Appliances are not within scope of a commercial inspection. 

PRE-LISTING INSPECTION- This is the Same as a Home Inspection only the 'SELLER' requests their Home to be Evaluated prior to listing their home. This makes the Seller aware of any major problems so it can be corrected before a 'Home Buyers' inspector discovers any conditions.

4 POINT INSPECTION - To meet pre-insurance coverage this inspection surveys the home's Roof, Heating/Air Conditioner, Plumbing, and Electrical.

Price List

4-Point Insurance Inspection Report    $100
Wind Mitigation Inspection Report        $100
Roof Inspection Report                         $100
Wind Mitigation and 4-Point Insurance Inspection Reports   $150

The fees that are listed below are subject to change without notice.

House sq. ft.Price       Crawlspace

0000 - 1500$250                  $25
1501 - 2000$275                  $25
2001 - 2500$300                  $25
2501 - 3000$325                  $25
3001 - 3500$350                  $25
3501 - 4000$400                  $25
4001+ call for quote
Condominium$170 – up, call for quote

4 Point Insurance Inspection Report with Home Inspection add $50
Wind Mitigation and 4-Point Insurance reports with Home Inspection add $150
Home Inspection is Your Investment Protection
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